About Us - Jan & Andrew Eatock


We emigrated from England to New Zealand in 2002 bringing with us 3 male Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  We imported 2 bitches into New Zealand from UK in 2003 and 2006 and one from Australia in 2012.  We also imported 2 dogs from Australia in 2007 and 2010.


Jan has owned Cavalier King Charles Spaniels since 1995 and been showing since 1997.   She was registered to use the affix 'Darilance' in 1999 by The Kennel Club (UK) and registered this kennel name with the New Zealand Kennel Club in 2002.  Jan has judged Cavaliers as a Peer Judge in New Zealand and Andrew is registered with the NZ Kennel Club to judge Ribbon Parades & Open Shows.


Darilance is a small kennel near Huntly in New Zealand's rural Waikato.  We breed only occasionally, always aspiring to further improve our Cavaliers.  We understand the importance of breeding healthy Cavaliers and have our dogs heart and eye tested by specialist veterinarians.  As our Cavaliers have also undergone DNA testing for Curly Coat/Dry Eye Syndrome & Episodic Falling we can breed with confidence knowing these dreadful inherited diseases will not be produced.  We also realise the need to keep to good breed type, size and temperament along with sound construction and good overall confirmation.  Having a well balanced dog should lead to good movement.  Appropriate exercise, both free running and controlled road walking, need to be given to build and maintain good muscle tone.


Cavaliers are an affectionate and playful breed and great fun to be around.  They love to run free, chase and fetch toys and have a jolly good time out in the fresh air, no matter what season wet or dry.  Many of them also like to swim or paddle and will readily retrieve from the water.

Being very social animals they thrive on human companionship and will settle easily to various lifestyles.  They are intelligent dogs and easily trained as they are always willing to please.


We are situated west of Huntly on a rural property where all our dogs live indoors as part of our family.  Cavaliers are not suited to being kept in kennels and should not be housed out of doors. 


We also take in small to medium sized Boarding dogs and occasional Day Care visitors to share time and fun with our own Cavaliers.  As these dogs will also be living indoors with us we only welcome well socialised family pets.  Visit our Boarding page for more details.


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